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Azul Latin Kitchen opened July 24, 2014 in Heavenly Village. ¬†Brought to you by the Tahoe Restaurant Group, we are the sister restaurant to Basecamp Pizza Co, also in the Heavenly Village. ¬†We offer a “lighter, fresher and healthier” take on Mexican and South and Central American cuisine. We are committed to using local, organic, and sustainable products whenever possible to provide the highest quality foods to our customers. Don’t forget about our drinks, which consist of a variety of tequila and non-tequila options, and are made with fresh-squeezed juices instead of mixtures.

We have live music daily on the Heavenly Corner Stage (weather permitting). Click here for the music schedule.

Azul Latin Kitchen FAQ

Hosting Information

Do we take reservations?
We do not take reservations and are a first come, first serve restaurant. We will consider a total restaurant buy out (minimum of 50 people) during off peak times. April-May (not including Memorial Day weekend) and October-November (not including Thanksgiving weekend). The pricing is dependent on sales projections.

Please keep in mind we do not split checks and will accept up to 4 methods of payment. 20% Gratuity is added to parties of 6 or more.

For smaller group advice or information on how our waiting list works, please read the wait list information below.

For further questions feel free to e-mail azultahoe@gmail.com, with the date, time and desired amount of people for suggestions. Expect a reply within 2 business days.

What is your large group policy?
We can seat groups of 8 or under together regardless of wait time. For groups larger than 8 we may need to split you up into smaller groups in order to get your group seated in a timely manner. Your group may not be seated next to or near each other and may not be seated at exactly the same time, although we will do our very best to do so. During busy season, expect a lengthy wait for large groups.

For groups over 8, a great suggestion is coming in close to opening at 11:00 am, before we have a wait, or ordering take out. Keep in mind we do not split checks and will accept 4 methods of payment. 20% gratuity will be added to groups over 6.

How does the wait work? Will you call me when our table is ready or text?
We have a wait list system that will TEXT you when your table is ready. A confirmation text will be sent within 2 minutes of you checking in. Tahoe has very poor service when town is congested, so please alert us if you have not received your text. You can reply “on my way,” and we will wait for your return for up to 7 minutes. You must check in to our waiting list in person. Always check in close to your quoted time…technology isn’t always reliable!

What kind of wait can I expect on the weekends, Holidays and busy season?
We go on extremely long waits after 2:00 pm during busy season. High season is considered June to mid September and December to April. Wait times vary from preference of seating, inside/outside/first available/heater/shade, group size, and time of check in. Waits can exceed 2 hours. However, if you plan ahead and check in early, you can fill that time with the fun destinations around us. There are a lot of shops, activities, bars and waiting areas around the village.

Do you have any “Open” seating sections?
Our bar is open seating and is a great option to get in and out.

Take Out/Online Ordering Information

Can I pre-order for take out?
If your order is above $200.00, we would suggest placing a pre-order at azultahoe@gmail.com with subject “Large take out order”. This way we can give you an accurate quote and let you know if we can accommodate your order. Take out orders under $200.00 cannot be made in advance.

Do you cater?
We do not cater, however we have a large party Taco Bar menu that we can email you for large parties off site. Please email azultahoe@gmail.com.

Do you deliver?
We do not deliver.

Can I get a local or return discount through online ordering for take out?
You must order in person or call Azul to get discounts for online take out orders. You will need to provide proof of address for local discounts or a printed receipt for return discounts.

Can I order take out and eat it at the restaurant?
Take out orders must be taken outside of the restaurant to be consumed. We will not allow any orders of any size to be eaten on premise, after placed for To Go. If you are on the waiting list and decide to opt for take out, please inform the hosts.

Restaurant/Menu Information

Are you open on Holidays?
We are.

Do you validate parking?
No, we unfortunately do not.

Do you have happy hour?
At this time we are not offering any Happy Hour.

How do I play music at base camp?
For music inquiries, please email- azultahoe@gmail.com .

Are you dog friendly?
We are dog friendly on our patio. We only ask that you keep your pets on a leash and not allow your pet to eat food from any patio table. Please remember, some guests prefer that pets do not disturb neighboring tables

Are you vegan and gluten free friendly?
We have many options for vegetarian and vegan diets. We have many items that are gluten free without any changes needed. However, for those with Celiac’s or severe allergies, we discourage you from eating here, as we cannot guarantee against some cross contamination.

Do you donate to non-profits?
We donate locally to organizations that are based her in South Lake Tahoe. For inquiries please email azultahoe@gmail.com.

Where are you located?
We are located on the front corner of the Heavenly Village Way and HWY 50. You can see us by looking for our firepit or our bright blue umbrellas (in the summer).

Who are you affiliated with?
Base Camp Pizza Company (Heavenly Village), Rubicon Pizza Company (Northstar) and Fireside Pizza Company (Squaw Valley).

For inquiries on possible new locations or growth opportunities, please contact us at azultahoe@gmail.com